Absent Presence



… I’m distanced, completely detached to their world. 1000 miles away, even though I’m just in front of them.

Kolkata is that kind of city which seems to be frozen in time, arrested in a moment and unable to move forward.
Like you are taking a swim into the innocence of past, where romance meets drama.
For me, Kolkata is somewhere in between. A hurting shimmer, frozen.
Especially women in India were absent, they were almost not existing.
Walking around in the streets of Kolkata means walking with 90% of men around you.
When I think about Kolkata, I think mostly about men. And me somewhere in between.

This work is an approach to visualize the social situation in India between men and women.
It‘s about desire and isolation and the complicated issue of love in India.

Published in Purple Travel.

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