I Can Be Her


2014 – 2018

“To write letters is to expose yourself naked to phantoms;
They await the moment avidly. The written kisses never arrive at their destination;
the phantoms swallow them en route.
It’s thanks to this copious nourishment that they profilerate so fabulously.”
– Kafka


The story reflects the idea of love and delusion and is based on a love letter written by Troy C. It was March 2014 when the letter landed in my mailbox while I was living in Las Vegas. I didn’t know Troy, all I knew about him was written in the letter and I had only seen him once. He knocked on my door and I opened him, we talked briefly.
After receiving the letter I was paranoid, thinking Troy can be around any corner watching me. I started searching for evidence and indications of Troy.

The images represent past, present and future, covered by layers of dreams, feelings and obsessions. By reproducing ideas inspired by the letter, I captured discoveries made along the way. Troy created his own perception of me; as a result of his letter I created my own perception of him. In my mind he became a secret garden, a mix of privacy and surveillance and a deconstructed space with teasing features.

“Neither the author of the letter nor its recipient will ever know what became of the other, won’t meet, and won’t ever speak. And it is from these few typed lines, written by a stranger, that the suppositions and the illusions assume their legitimacy. No image can prove the veracity of what took place, unless it is that of a habitation or a geographic location. The question that springs from our most secret doubts, – what would my life have been like if it were he, or she, that I had chosen? – lends itself to the creation of a fable. Lacan says that love is giving something one doesn’t have to someone who doesn’t want it, thus stressing the fact that an amorous exchange defies credible definition, and is necessary a salutary misunderstanding. In Troy’s letter, everything is expressed in order to avoid misunderstanding and to furnish guarantees for the future he would offer to Stefanie. But in fact the letter sets off a succession of fantasies and worries in the young woman’s mind in the absence of the object of her thoughts. It is finally in keeping a distance from the reassuring promises, in effectively shunning them, that a possibility opens to tell the story of a relationship: the one that the photographer constructs as an œuvre, in function of her own desires.”
– Christian Maccotta

2019 – Quad, Mutable / Multiple, during Format Festival, Derby / UK
2019 – Collectors Agenda, Solo Exhibition, Vienna / AUT
2018 – "Not just your face honey", Solo Exhibition, C/O Berlin / D
2017 – “A Room Of One’s Own”, Group Show, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm / SWE
2016 – Les Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier, Group Show, La Panacée Centre de Culture Contemporaine, Montpellier / France
2015 – Int. Photo-Festival of Rome, Group Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome / IT

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