Commissions II


Fashion 2016 – 2023
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 Dad on the cover of SZ Magazin / a special fashion issue, Sept 2022

Harper's Bazaar US, Sept Issue

Suicoke SS 2021, Styling: Ai Kamoshita

Fendi Special in Wallpaper Magazine 03, 2021

Honey Dijon for The Travel Almanac, Styling by Christian Stemmler, M&H by Susanna Jonas, 2021

Fendi Special in Another Man, FW 2021

Replica Man, Styling: Anders Sølvsten Thomsen, H&M: Anthony Preel, 2019

Collaboration with Students from Fashion&Technology at the Art University in Austria. Styling: Johanna Bouvier, M&H: Ina Maurer, 2019

Twin Magazine, Styling: Vanessa Coyle, 2019

Model left: my aunt Frieda in her kitchen

Twin Magazine Issue XIX

My aunt Frieda for Twin Magazine, 2019

Numéro China, Stylist: Sharon Chiu, M&H: Anna HU, May Issue, 2019

Vogue China / Vogue+, Dec 2021

Harper's Bazaar March Issue 2023, photography and concept