Vegas and She


2014 – 2015
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Vegas, what is it?
And why are you eating all of her?

It‘s the desert with its burning breeze, a man-made oasis in the middle of its wide valley with the mountains around.
It‘s the downtown with its faces shaped by life,  and the suburbs with its tract homes, tireless and sprawling.
A city as a furious beast with many heads, innocence of the past is caught in there, no ability to escape.

And then there are the girls, dancing and teasing men‘s desire.
Las Vegas is the strip club capital of the world,
nowhere else do so many women come just to dance and make money. They are creating an artificial identity,
an idealised version of men’s desire, constructed spaces that rely on illusion and fantasy. And they keep Vegas moving, keep it pushing, the inside that keeps the outside alive. The city is like a fast pumping heart and this heart doesn’t only give love.
Pain and pleasure are twins in a place full of mystery, wonder and myth, the only point they meet is the stillness of truth.

Oh Vegas. Vegas and She.
A report of circumstances, evidence, an indication of love and sorrow.

Vegas is comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness,
and it comes all in one.
When you meet Vegas once you feel like you are standing on the edge of a very tall cliff.
If you fall, you fall into a jungle of madness.

She as me.
Vegas, who is it but a desert breeze. A hot, wild breeze.
– Stefanie Moshammer

2019 – Arcoop Wall Project, Geneva, / CH
2017 – Lothringer13 Halle, Munich / D
2017 – Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm / SWE
2016 – Gallery OstLicht, Vienna / AUT
2015 – Gallery Fotohof, Salzburg / AUT

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