Each Poison, A Pillow


2022 - ongoing
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A letter written by Stefanie Moshammer when she was eight years old functions both as a basis and at the same time as a hypernym in her work, Each Poison, A Pillow.
The work reflects on alcoholism among women and exists as a layered visual narrative. Stefanie Moshammer’s theoretical and visual research starts from an individual perspective and focuses on her own mother, though she is aiming to contrast it with a collective one.
Besides the personal story on the relationship between mother and daughter, she includes different kind of investigations,  pre-existing archive materials and new interpretations, to look at the topic of female alcoholism.

Text & Interview by Joanna Cresswell on Elephant.
Interview by Silke Hohmann in Monopol.
Press Text by Teresa Kamencek.

Work in progress.


(coming) June 7 - Sept 7, 2023 – Solo Show, L'Appartement Espace Images Vevey, CH
2022 – Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, South Korea, KOR
2022 – Museé Jenisch during the Visual Arts Biennale Vevey, CH
2022 – Solo Show, Christine König Galerie / Koenig2, Vienna, AUT

Installation view Koenig2 Gallery Vienna.
To be you, 2022, 16 channel video installation, Full HD, loop

Mother, Task I-IV, 2022, 4-channel video installation, Full HD, sound, various length

Each Comfort, 2022, 27 digital-printed images on satin, 40x40cm

End of Summer, 2022, Fine Art Injket Print, 77x91cm

Stage Two, 2022, Fine Art Injket Print, 60x90cm

#drunkgirls #drunkwomen, installation view, 2022, HD, 09:05, sound

#drunkgirls #drunkwomen, 2022, HD, 09:05, sound

Original Letter, 1995

Leaving makes the place feel better