Each Poison, A Pillow


2022 - ongoing

A letter written by Stefanie Moshammer when she was eight years old functions both as a basis and at the same time as a hypernym in her work, Each Poison, A Pillow.
The work reflects on alcoholism among women and exists as a layered visual narrative. Stefanie Moshammer’s theoretical and visual research starts from an individual perspective and focuses on her own mother, though she is aiming to contrast it with a collective one.
Besides the personal story on the relationship between mother and daughter, she includes different kind of investigations,  pre-existing archive materials and new interpretations, to look at the topic of female alcoholism.

Text & Interview by Joanna Cresswell on Elephant.
Interview by Silke Hohmann in Monopol.
Press Text by Teresa Kamencek.

Work in progress.


March 11 - April 23, 2022: Solo Show, Christine König Galerie / Koenig2, Vienna, AUT
June 29 - Oct 30, 2022: Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, South Korea, KOR
Sept 3 - 25, 2022: Museé Jenisch during the Visual Arts Biennale Vevey, CH
May, 2023, Solo Show, L'Appartement Espace Images Vevey, CH

Installation view Koenig2 Gallery Vienna.
To be you, 2022, 16 channel video installation, Full HD, loop

Mother, Task I-IV, 2022, 4-channel video installation, Full HD, sound, various length (loop)

Each Comfort, 2022, 27 digital-printed images on satin, 40x40cm

End of Summer, 2022, Fine Art Injket Print, 77x91cm

Stage Two, 2022, Fine Art Injket Print, 60x90cm

#drunkgirls #drunkwomen, installation view, 2022, HD, 09:05, sound

#drunkgirls #drunkwomen, 2022, HD, 09:05, sound

Original Letter, 1995

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