La cultura Picótera consists of a tradition that goes back to the early 60’s in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, particularly in the cities of Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta.
A Picó is a huge sound machine  and it is combining DIY electrical engineering and DJ cultures to create art forms alongside emerging technologies. It‘s a culture born in the streets, outside of any mainstream clubs. Each one is the pride and joy of its owner – its picóteros – and they are handmade and painted in neon with unique, flamboyant imagery.
On the boundary between ancient and modern, picóteros are mixing old and new music, as Afro-Colombian, Salsa, Champeta.
Each Picó is unique and names like »EL Rojo«, »Gran Kid«, »La Sala de Puerto Rico« (…) are fictional characters created by the owner.
The culture around the Picós serves as a space for social and political commentary in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, it reinforces communities and refers to pop art and the DIY attitude. 

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2020 – Fotografiska x Vice: New Visions, Fotografiska, NYC / USA

Collage 200x300cm

Collage 200x300cm

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