2014 – 2018

To me, Austria is a brutal cosiness, which carries the innocence of the past in it. The past, a melancholic companion of the present. 
The existing, a filtered appearance.
A place where the unspoken is directing.
My secret love affair, I’m never completely satisfied with,
still can’t leave, always teasing; never fully staying, but always returning.
My homeland, as ambivalent as Therese.
I don’t know exactly why my parents decided to give me this name. I’ve never really felt attached to it and nobody calls me Therese.
Still, it’s part of me, even in my travel documents.
Stefanie Therese Moshammer.
A silent companion.

2018 – Photo Museum WestLicht, Solo Exhibition, Vienna / AUT
2018 – Photo London Somerset House. Pavilion Commission / UK
2016 – Art Museum Salzburg, "Facing Austria" / AUT

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Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye Vienna. A Fountain playing in the Sun.